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We no longer use Naxcom.

We have over a 7-year history with Naxcom.  During the second year, we signed up as a VIP member.  After about a year, we determined that the feature was not producing the desired results so we kept selling on Naxcom, but not as a VIP.

In our expansion mode in 2006, we talked extensively to Naxcom marketing prior to increasing our efforts, and signed up for VIP and for Naxcom to host a website for us (  It took a while but sales started to grow to an acceptable level that would have supported the Naxcom costs if the shipping and handling policy were fair.

Then after about 6 months, three problems within a week -

1. The first - we got a message from Naxcom Customer Care that a buyer had reported that an item was not received and that a refund was due to the buyer.  Since we posted the shipment over 45 days prior, we protested vigorously.

Naxcom's policy is very clear, a buyer has 7-10 days to respond if they do not receive a shipment, not 45 days.  Naxcom management expressed that they think the buyer has 14 days to protest and agrees that 45 days is not an appropriate time period.

Naxcom's stated policy on their website is:


If you have not received your item(s) within 7 business days of receiving a shipping confirmation or 10 days from the date of the transactions, send an email to the seller (click on the appropriate Transaction Information button within My Current Purchases page) letting them know that the transaction has not yet arrived.

If no reply is received within 48 hours, please contact NAXCOM Customer Care with the transaction number and any vital information.

Customer Care will investigate the situation and send an appropriate email to both parties. Follow the instructions provided within the email to complete the resolution.

It is apparent that Customer Care has no respect for the seller and tried to settle this one in favor of the buyer, because they are trained to rule in favor of the buyer - not to achieve a fair transaction. 

2.  A couple of days later, there was a second occurrence, identical to the first.  A buyer wanted to chargeback a card after 45 days.  We expressed concern  to Naxcom management that the stated policy was not being implemented and instead Customer Care was creating a new policy always in favor of the buyer.  Naxcom management (Bill Elder)  half-heartedly agreed, but with the proviso, that we did not understand the ways and risks of doing Internet sales (implying that their unfair rulings should be expected).  I'm sorry but we have over 20,000 Ebay sales, almost 1,000 Naxcom sales, plus many more online sales, so we do understand Internet marketing and sales.  We just want to be dealt with fairly, whether we are buyer or seller - we do not want an advantage, but we do not want a insurmountable disadvantage either.

3.  And the third one within a week broke the camel's back.  A valuable (#1/50) card of Phil Hughes was sold to a buyer.  The card was obviously not autographed per the scan, and the description never referred to an autographed card.  But the buyer apparently had buyer's remorse and decided that he would return the card and appealed to Customer Care to do so.  Of course, Customer Care said go ahead..  I expressed my concerns about this to Naxcom management over the Memorial Day holiday weekend (2007) and stated that the reasons for return were not valid, that the product offering was correct, and he agreed that we were right and that Customer Care would rule in our favor - on the facts, not on buyer's whims.  Because of poor internal communications between management and the Customer Care crew, Customer Care instead repeated that the buyer could return the card.  Absolutely ridiculous. 

No one listens. 

No one talks to another. 

Just operating in an Ivory Tower doing the right things infrequently, doing wrong things often. 

What a joke, and Naxcom wants to challenge Ebay. 

Give me a break.


Three wrong decisions in a 2-3 week period of time.  No Naxcom apologies. 

Just Grief to me.

So what did we learn:

1.  Naxcom Customer Care does not protect the seller.  Although Naxcom states they are fair to both the buyer and seller, their actions are almost always in conflict with that statement.

2.  Naxcom Customer Care almost always rules in favor of the buyer regardless of the conditions involved.

3.  If you are a buyer, use Naxcom if the product offering is what you want - you can buy cheap on Naxcom.

4.  If you are a seller, use Naxcom only if the terms of sale are in agreement with your operating mode and objectives.  Naxcom is the home of low priced product with many sellers trying to unload duplicates at low prices and below cost.  Not the home of a seller trying to support the needs of his family.

5.  Naxcom's shipping and handling policy also does not cover the cost of materials and postage, much less the employee cost of listing, monitoring, communicating, and packaging.  So make sure it's what you want to do.  If the sales items are not priced correctly, every transaction is a loser.

6.  Naxcom frequently states they provide a more satisfying experience between buyer and seller than Ebay.  They did not prove it to me, in fact, they proved just the opposite.

7.  Naxcom Customer Care has absolutely no concern for the seller.

8.  Bill Elder is not a friend or advocate of those trying to honestly sell product.



Check this thread:

Other threads regarding the performance and the acceptability of Naxcom exist on various Internet sites.  Naxcom tries hard verbally to convince a customer that Naxcom is better than Ebay, but their actions insure that they are not and they are not even close.  Make sure you have evidence regarding their detailed activities prior to convincing yourself that Naxcom serves their customers fairly.  Ebay certainly has problems, but Naxcom has many more problems and does not attempt to find fair solutions to them.


On April 8, 2014: 

We have done a lot of research and believe that Naxcom or SportsBuy is no longer operating.  That's good for collectors.  A lot of buyers will get hurt because of the inventory they had listed, but sellers must be treated respectfully also.