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AS:  All-Star

TP:  Top Prospect



1.  Even though we take extreme care in handling sets, there will be a small percentage of sets (generally  those we have purchased from others) with slight damage after being dropped on a corner.  We will try to filter those out and to our best ability, warn you of any observed condition issues prior to shipment.  For instance, we have over 15 1994 Tampa Yankee sets where there is either corner or edge damage to the top card in the set - Derek Jeter (that was an expensive purchase without sufficient return).  We are selling singles from that set, not complete sets.

2.  Some older sets (generally prior to 1980) have printing and packaging defects - off center (some are even miscut in rare cases) being the most common, but also some light staining, surface scratches, etc may appear. 

3.  We sometimes find when we open sets, that minor league sets have duplicated cards, or more rarely, missing cards.  This error occurred in the packaging process, and if we are providing an unopened set, we will miss observing that error prior to shipping to you.

4.  Most of our customers want unopened sets if available and that is what we try to provide whenever possible.

5.  Since we strive to provide unopened sets when possible, many of the card counts and the players in the set are obtained from a computer listing and have not validated been by our inspection.  If we have made an error or if you suspect that we made an error, please contact us for detailed questions/answers prior to your order.  jssportscards@gmail.com