FB Sales
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We recently purchased a large collection of Trading Cards from a fellow collector - Predominantly baseball cards, but also some from Other Sports and Game cards. The Baseball cards are predominantly Minor League Singles but also include Minor League Sets, Major League singles and autographs. The task of organizing this collection for sale is huge and will take a lot of time. And some of the cards will be listed for sale prior to the organization being complete.

These cards were purchased at a favorable cost so we can retail them at lower than market prices and will do so to our Facebook customers. Discounts for Facebook customers will be posted on Facebook.  These cards are perfect for family and friends, for obtaining autographs, and for completing or adding to player collections.


Shipping and Handling Charges for Singles:

Qty 1-5, $2.75.

Qty 6-10, $3.00.

Qty >10, $3.50

Shipping and Handling Charges for Minor League Sets:

Qty 1, $3.50

Qty 2-3, $4.00

For larger quantities, please ask before ordering.

Shipping and Handling Charges for Other Items:

Please ask before ordering.