1975 Shreveport Captains
1976 Appleton Foxes
1976 Arkansas Travelers
1976 Quad Cities Angels
1976 Shreveport Captains
1977 Shreveport Captains
1978 Appleton Foxes
1978 Cedar Rapids Giants
1978 Charleston Pirates
1978 Daytona Beach Astros
1979 Asheville Tourists
1979 Clinton Dodgers
1979 Memphis Chicks



No Buyer's Premium or Seller's Premium.

Note the Minimum Bid and the Current Auction Prices. 

If you want to bid, please submit your bid to jssportscards@gmail.com with the Auction Number and Card Description in the Subject Line.  Within the body of the email, describe the item that you are bidding on and the quoted price.

We will record your bids, display them on-line, and will show the highest bid received.

If you bid Not-to-Exceed we will raise your Current Auction Price as newer bids arrive - your bid will be 0.25 higher than the most recently submitted bid and will not be higher than your Not-To-Exceed bid.

The earliest bid received will be selected in case of a tie.

The auction will end at midnight MST of the last day of the auction.

Buy It Now prices will be accepted if a qualifying bid has not been received and the item will be marked as SOLD.

Please ask any questions before bidding and let us clarify


We accept Cash, Money Order, and Paypal (Paypal can be used only for orders larger than $8.00).

Shipping and handling for the first single card is $2.75 with 0.50 added for each additional single card.

Shipping and handling for graded cards and for small sets (around 30 cards) is $3.25 with 1.00 added for each additional item.

Larger items are quoted per order.



We believe that the grades we assess are consistent and conform to standards as we interpret them, but grading is subjective and each of us has an opinion, many times differing opinions.  We do hesitate to grade Vintage Cards NM, preferring instead to use EX-NM for conservative purposes.