1999 Appalachian Lg. TP
1999 Arizona Fall Lg. AS
1999 California Fall League
1999 Danville Braves
1999 Delmarva Shorebirds
1999 Dunedin Blue Jays
1999 Everett Aquasox
1999 Fort Myers Miracle
1999 Johnson City Cardinals
1999 Just Minors
1999 Midwest Lg. TP
1999 Princeton Devil Rays
1999 Rockford Reds
1999 San Jose Giants
1999 South Atlantic TP
1999 Team Best
1999 Texas Lg. TP
1999 Wisconsin TimberRattlers


Minor League Baseball Cards from the 1999 Season include many potential stars, with some having progressed to the Major Leagues.  These cards are terrific for autographs, for collectors and investors, and for family members and friends.