$2 Rochester Red Wings Sale


The $2.00 Rochester Red Wings Vintage Sale


We have 1 of each card and the price of each is currently $2.00.  A scan is shown after the listing.  


1978 Rochester Red Wings

Ray Bare Rafael Liranzo Wayne Krenchicki
Tony Chevez Kevin Kennedy Marty Parrill


1979 Rochester Red Wings

Jose Bastian Ron Diggle Gerry Pirtle Jim Smith
Tony Chevez Howard "Doc" Edwards Willie Royster Jeff Youngbauer


1981 Rochester Red Wings

Richie Bancells Larry Jones Floyd Rayford John Valle
Doc Edwards Ed Putnam Tom Rowe  


1982 Rochester Red Wings

John Flinn Craig Minetto Ken Rowe Bill Swaggerty
Rick Jones Allan Ramirez Willie Royster John Valle
Bruce MacPherson Vic Rodriguez Cliff Speck  



1986 Rochester Red Wings

Tony Arnold John Hayban Curt Motton Mike Reddish Mike Skinner
Dom Chiti Phil Huffman Kelly Paris Silver Stadium Ken Smith
Glenn Gulliver Odell Jones Eric Rasmussen Nelson Simmons Kelvin Torve