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Minor League Sets - BARGAINS - *226

These Minor League sets can fit into your collection, or can serve as Autograph and Single cards of your family members, friends, or favorite players.  Enjoy the attractive pricing.


1992 Ukrop's Richmond Braves set with Dale Murphy, John Smoltz, Tom Glavine.  This set is rare and difficult to obtain. 

Review it at 1992 Ukrop's Richmond Braves


Chicago Cubs Prospect Fans - Order 7 or more 2017



cards - take 35% off card prices

Outstanding Prospects  -  Order 7 or more 2017

SAL  Top Prospect cards  -  take 25% off card prices

Atlanta Braves Prospect Fans - Order 7 or more 2016 Mississippi Braves

cards  -  take 25% off card prices


Graded Card Sale  with  Corey Seager and other Prospects

Review at Graded Card Sale, Graded Card Sale #1, Graded Card Sale #2


Grab Some Autographs CHEAP  take 50% off list price   -  Review at  Grab Some Autographs

Our Clearance page has many items priced at $0.75.  Find quantities of a favorite card  -  Review at Clearance

1962 Topps Lot 308 - take 35% off.  Review at  1962 Topps Lot 308

1992 Minor League Sets  - Take 20% off

  Review at 1992 Minor League Sets

1993 Minor League Sets  - Take 20% off

  1993 Minor League Sets

Buy Vintage Rochester Red Wings Cards for $2.00 each.

  Review at $2 Rochester Red Wings Vintage Sale

Vintage Autographed Index Cards - take 40% off

  Review at Autographed Index Cards


JS Sportscards

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We are offering both unopened boxes and hand collated sets for sale.  Because Shipping is expensive for such items, these are offered through Dec. 2017 primarily for pickup in St. George, UT.  Some are being sold at local markets and garage sales and we will try to keep the list of those available current.



     The Order Form outlines the terms of sale.   Please review it in detail prior to ordering.

Please advise (jssportscards@gmail.com) when you have finished shopping, and we will advise shipping cost.

We do not trade unless the proposal is extremely attractive. Any discounts are available on the Special Offers Page and the Auction Page. We do use information collected from our viewers to determine which product to place on the Special Offers Page.4


JS Sports Cards and the associated sales venues are important to many Major and Minor League card and team set collectors, family, friends, who collect autographs. Our mission is to supply the cards that you need for autographs and those that you need to complete sets or to add to your favorite player collection. Many of the items (particularly minor league singles and autographs) that we sell are not available elsewhere.  Let us know if you need something not listed yet.

JS Sports Cards has been a collector for over 40 years and has very popular selling venues at Ebay (ID=jsenter), www.jssportscards.com with over 20,000 completed transactions. Presently because of Ebay anti-seller policies and their lack of support for sellers, we have only a small amount of listings on Ebay (down from over 8000 listings to about 500 listings).

Many of the autographs have been obtained through the mail (TTM) or in person. Very few autographs have been purchased from third parties.

We have over 20,000 positive feedback comments for online sales, so we are dependable and reliable with prompt shipment after receipt of valid payment. Larger lots are shipped in bubble envelopes or well protected boxes.  Smaller lots may be shipped in rigid envelopes, a safer and more protective method than normal plain white paper envelopes (PWE).

We have used Thumbnails on many pages, so please click on a small photograph to  obtain a larger image to evaluate condition on vintage cards.



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